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Meet Ellen… Our new favorite thing.

Born June 10th 4:07am
6 lbs 15 oz 19 in

Absolutely beautiful…

Meet Ellen… Our new favorite thing.

Born June 10th 4:07am 6 lbs 15 oz 19 in

Absolutely beautiful…

35-36 weeks… now at 37 and getting closer to Ellen-day! 

35-36 weeks… now at 37 and getting closer to Ellen-day! 

Finished Things

so i’m way backed up on completed project posts that I almost want to just forget about it, but because i’ll forget i ever made them if I don’t do it… here is the first of many projects completed in 2010 but never posted… whoops!

Introducing Reese Anne’s Elizabeth Zimmerman February Sweater in burnt orange. Her mommy and daddy are both Texas Longhorns so I deemed the color appropriate. This was given as a baby shower present, but ended up perfect size at ~9-12 months… here a few pics of the fuzzy and the cutie. 

Top Five!!

He did it!! This Friday ryan’s short film “miracle” was selected as a top 5 finalist in the vimeo/canon film contest called Beyond The Still (see my previous blog about the contest below). So now it’s our job to vote him to the top! Please go to the vimeo site and follow these instructions to vote…

  1. Go to
  2. Choose “miracle” by Ryan Booth and select vote for this video this will lead you to the site to create a vimeo account (select the free basic account)
  3. Create account, then confirm account through your email address
  4. Return to vimeo site and place your vote!

All votes must be in by this thursday June 24th at midnight! Thanks and be sure to watch the videos of the previous four finalists so you can follow the story! Love you guys, AB

beyond the still…

Miracle from Ryan Booth on Vimeo.

hi friends, i’m taking this opportunity to give a little positive PR to my brilliant, hard-working hubs. R has been writing/filming/editing himself silly the last few months in preparation for entering a Vimeo contest called Beyond the Still. Its was created by the guys who helped to envision how to creatively use SLR cameras in the world of film. The whole concept for the contest is so interesting and super fun. Its an open ended short film story which builds on itself from chapter to chapter. The contest is now on chapter 5 and Ryan has entered a piece called “miracle” (watch above). Check out the official site to catch up on chapters 1-4 here.   I’m so proud of him and can’t wait to see how things turn out next week when the top five videos for this chapter are chosen. If you like what you see, please go to Vimeo, create a free account, then “LIKE” ryan’s video. Enjoy and happy saturday. AB

for your blog reading pleasure… listen, you will not regret it…

modern shopping

so i’ve realized lately that I have begun to frequently utilize my iphone as a digital mirror when shopping alone. I seriously feel like alicia silverstone in the opening scene of “clueless” when she says that she never trusts mirrors so she takes polaroids of herself to chose an outfit (i don’t think this is a good thing).  since the beginning of time i have been a lousy decision maker with life’s little details, and although i’ve improved somewhat in my semi-adulthood, i still prefer to have one good opinion from a friend/husband/mom before closing in on my final choice when shopping. (even if this opinion is completely regarded disregarded… sorry ryan). I have in recent days even resorted to texting ryan photos from the dressing room to get an opinion… i know this is sad. does anyone else do this or I am an iphone crippled super dork?

humm… in other life, mom and i took an amazing trip to SF two weekends ago to visit john and susie. we had PERFECT weather, sunny and super breezy the whole time, with just a touch of rain tuesday morning as we were driving to the airport to come home. John and susie were really great tour guides and hiked all over the city with us showing us their favorite little shops, eats, parks etc. i love seeing them in their little neighborhood “bombing” around as we call it in the yarbrough house. i always love seeing my loves in their everyday surroundings, it helps me so much to be able to picture where they are when we are on the phone catching up during the months when we are so far away. mom and i even got to go to susie’s first ultrasound and we saw the new peanut on the big screen, kicking away and looking super cute and baby-like!! S&J have decided to not find out boy vs. girl which i think adds a bit of excitement to the whole process (fun fun!). since the trip, i’ve been dreaming up my new niece/nephew sewing/knitting projects, so i’ll keep you updated as things progress. so far i’m considering gender neutral or non-gender annoying colors and prints to begin with. overall, it was a great trip and fun to travel with my mom, an all too rare treat these days. 

work is good, my schedule changed so now i have mondays off! three day weekends every week! as delightful as this is, i’m having to adjust to working 4 ten hours days straight and have been pretty tired at the end of the weeks. i’m sure i’ll get used to it soon and will really be able to enjoy the flexibility of a long weekend…. okay, done for now, more soon. leaving you today with  a few may/june favorites…

1. glee (gave up on it initially, but reintroduced to the soundtracks by J&S and now i’m hooked) 2. Mumford and Sons… download timshel and you won’t be able to stop listening 3. exploring the world of hand-dyed gifts (think RIT + all items baby) 4. finishing ice cream dress by Olive & S and realizing i actual can sew 5. ryan’s new and improved blog

boulder and such

about a month ago, ryan took me skiing for the very first time. its something that he grew up doing and was hoping that i would like so that we could take trips in the future, and i was excited to try it out as well. ryan insisted that it was exactly like rollerblading (which i didn’t necessarily agree with after the fact), but none the less it wasn’t too hard to pick up and we had a lot of fun being on the slopes together. I even managed to stay upright when boarding/unloading from the lifts which was my central goal for the trip! we actually had beautiful weather the first day and it was warm enough to ski without gloves most of the time. the second day was completely opposite with gray skies and thick snowfall all morning and early afternoon. i think i actually preferred the snowier day because it felt like “real” skiing… “like in the movies” is what I told ryan. during our week in colorado, we also got to spend time with our friends from Autumn Film who were having their CD release party in denver (please listen here!) we spend most of the week in boulder, which we love. its truly one of the only places outside of texas that i truly feel i could be at home, so beautiful. in other news, i just finished a FIVE day aquatic therapy course and my hair has literally turned to straw! anyone know of an amazing home remedy for chlorine fried locks?? love you guys, more soon. AB

oliver+s icecream dress love

I’m so very in love with the latest Oliver + S spring pattern for the ice cream dress. The name was inspired by the color block version which apparently reminded the designer of neapolitan ice cream. I was so excited to find it in the mailbox the other day and can’t wait to whip one up for teeny R or the next precious baby girl love that comes into my life. The examples above are from the oliver+s blog and I love how different they are, the pattern can look so casual and perfect for grass rolling/dirt digging/tree hanging and then also look equally amazing as a dressy number when made in silk. fun indeed. anyways, i’ve been sewing much more lately since my wrist and knitting have not been getting along and I have to say it is pretty satisfying. things come together much more quickly sewing than knitting which is fun for a change. Over the last few weeks I made two sets of baby bloomers and elastic smocked toddler dresses for R and a friend at work’s little girl. The patterns are from Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing. back soon with more news about the daily stuff. the abbreviated version is working lots, trying to get into the swing of working out again, lots of time at the park with R and O, Mom home from Libya and praying for summer to come sooner. love love AB